About AIDS Awareness & Public Health Society

  AIDS Awareness & Public Health Society Post Graduate Government College, Sector 46, Chandigarh Governing Members of the Society Dr. Sunakar Patra (Associate Professor), Convenor Dr. Desh Raj (Assistant Professor), Member Mrs. Sudha Sharma (Assistant Professor), Member Ms. Salma Rani (Assistant Professor), Member Mr. Hemant Kumar (Assistant Professor), Member Dr, Ranjit Singh (Assistant Professor), Member Dr. Pooja Gupta, NSS  (Assistant Professor), Member Vision & Values The Society ushers the vision & values towards building an AIDS-free & healthy society, with our college as its platform. Objectives To circulate the message of AIDS awareness & public health in the country & beyond To create awareness on 'AIDS Awareness & Public Health' amongst college students & in the public through multiple available means. To inculcate socially & legally accepted norms & values in the students' mental faculty, with the pious intention to keep t